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Shigellosis is an infectious disease caused by a group of bacteria called Shigella (shih-GEHL-uh). Most who are infected with Shigella develop diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps starting a day or two after they are exposed to the bacteria.

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And the bacteria comes from a model’s vagina, because of course it does.

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Types Conjugative pili. Conjugative pili allow for the transfer of DNA between bacteria, in the process of bacterial conjugation.They are sometimes called “sex pili”, in analogy to sexual reproduction, because they allow for the exchange of …

WHO today published its first ever list of antibiotic-resistant “priority pathogens”—a catalogue of 12 families of bacteria that pose the greatest threat to human health.

Bacteria (/ b æ k ˈ t ɪər i ə / ( listen); common noun bacteria, singular bacterium) is a type of biological cell.They constitute a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms.

May 19, 2013 · Medicine used to be obsessed with eradicating the tiny bugs that live within us. Now we’re beginning to understand all the ways they keep us healthy.

Learn the benefits of probiotics, and read about side effects, types, and foods that contain probiotics. Find out how probiotics should be taken.

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Jan 22, 2015 · What NOT to do before you get busy between the sheets. (Photo: Getty Images) If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve heard the advice, “You should pee before and after having sex.” (If you’re not familiar with the logic, the idea is that emptying your bladder before and after you get busy

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