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The most important welding tool is INFORMATION. Whenever I screw up a weld, I go look up how I should have done it. Sure enough, there’s a proper polarity, current, feed rate, shielding gas/flow rate, flux etc for the weld.

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Nov 11, 2011 · With Occupy protests around the country, things are heating up. With disbursement of tear gas an pepper spray by police, how are regular people able to keep safe? Normally, one would by a gas mask, but given cost, bulkiness and being a target when wearing one, this might not be the best option

Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment; S° gas,1 bar 191.609 ± 0.004: J/mol*K: Review: Cox, Wagman, et al., 1984: CODATA Review value: S° gas,1 bar 191.61: J/mol*K: Review: Chase, 1998

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Gas Mask Contact Tables 76

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Garrett Morgan was a highly esteemed inventor who created a gas mask and a traffic signal along with dozens more. One of the great inventors in Black history.

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The use of toxic chemicals as weapons dates back thousands of years, but the first large scale use of chemical weapons was during World War I. They were primarily used to demoralize, injure, and kill entrenched defenders, against whom the indiscriminate and generally very slow-moving or static nature of gas clouds would be most effective.

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