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Henry Schein To Spin Off And Merge Its Health Business With Vets First Choice, Creating An Innovative Approach To Advancing Veterinary Care

Vets First Choice of Portland is poised to become Maine’s newest publicly traded company. The veterinary technology provider plans to merge with the health division of an existing public company called Henry Schein Inc., which would be spun off as its own entity, according to a company

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STONEWALL: The Stonewall Era, the Stonewall people, the Stonewall Club (or Inn) and the Stonewall Rebellion (or uprising) of June 1969! Featured Stonewallers: Dario Modon, Michael I. Swerdlow, Marsha Johnson, Carl J. Keller Jr., Roby Giordano, Betty C. Bristol.

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WATCH: IDF paratroopers, vets take Independence Day leap mans of fighters in the iconic brigade also participate in aerial demonstrations off …

Strickland and MacDonald, Fringe vets and ace storytellers, use song, puppetry and light — such clever use of light — to set the creepy mood. — matthew j. palm,, “Review: 13 Dead Dreams of “Eugene” – Fringe 2018,” 14 May 2018

Information about VA benefits for United States military Veterans who served during the Korean War

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Stonewall Veterans’ Association Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Stonewall Rebellion SVA Greenwich Village

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There is a strong bond in the military, a bond that most people do not understand. Veterans stick together Veterans understand each other, but not all straight veterans are willing to extend that understanding and acceptance to LGBT Vets.

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All Rise LET’S ALL RISE Resources LEARN MORE JUSTICE FOR ALL National Drug Court Month | May 2018 Learn More Treatment courts are justice reform Treatment courts are the most successful intervention in our nation’s history for leading people living with substance use and mental health disorders out of the…

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This list is neither complete nor verified. Clinics are listed alphabetically by province/city/clinic. We make no recommendations or …

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