Low Fat Turkey Soup

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Shredded turkey in a tomato-based soup is jazzed up with herbs and spices for a rich and warming alternative to leftover turkey sandwiches.

This Southwestern-inspired turkey-and-squash soup gets a little kick from crushed red pepper and some zing from fresh lime juice. You can use leftover turkey or chicken (instead of the cutlets); dice it and add a few minutes before serving.

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The Everyday Turkey Cookbook: by Franki Papai Secunda With its taste and versatility, turkey has become a year-round staple. High in protein and low in fat and cholesterol, turkey is delicious, hot or

Delicious! and Low Fat by using lean ground turkey and beans. From Oxygen magazine. I searched and searched on zaar and I believe this low fat …

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Swap your usual beef mince with turkey to reduce the fat content of this classic Italian sauce and serve with wholemeal pasta

Leftover turkey is delicious in turkey pot pie, so I thought why not use it to make turkey pot pie soup? Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn’t do too much damage to …

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Low Fat Turkey Soup 21

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Cooking healthy recipes that are healthy, delicious. Find vegetarian, low fat, Chinese cooking recipes.

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Im told from another chef that this recipe is now 6 points on the New Weight Watchers System.. We still make it regardless of the points.. its GREAT 🙂

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Regular noodles are off the table if you’re like me and have a gluten intolerance. This Grain Free Low Carb Turkey Noodle Soup will heal all that ails you!!

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