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Extramarital sex occurs when a married person engages in sexual activity with someone other than his or her spouse. From a different perspective, it also applies to a single person having sex with a married person.

This chapter is meant to provide an opportunity for engaged couples to grow in self-knowledge by an evaluation of the major emotional and personality weaknesses that interfere with both self-giving love and marital happiness.

Find a list of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrom) and HIV (human immunodeficience virus) related material for patient education.

The first case of HIV/AIDS in Malawi was reported at Lilongwe’s Kamuzu Central Hospital in 1985. President Hastings Banda, who was in power at the time, responded with several small-scale prevention initiatives and created the National AIDS Control Programme, a division of the Ministry of Health, to manage the growing epidemic.

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Marital Bliss. Who wouldn’t want a happy and romantic Marital Life? While there are many kinds of problems that couples face, most of the sexual and sex related problems are easy to address and sort out.

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Consequences of early marriage The report, ‘Early marriage in Ethiopia: causes and consequences’ is very instructive: “Early marriageis one of the most harmful practices as it usually denies teenseducational opportunities, leads to poverty and economicinsecurity and has a serious negative impact on their healthand decision-making

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