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If you find out how to stop making them smell let me know please..I love the shoes but God I hate the smell and I have tried about everything to stop it.

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I remember reading an article on Environmental Graffiti, a few months ago, about the thorniest trees on Earth. The photos were really impressive, considering I had no idea such trees even existed, but I felt

Unlike Wanderer, I didn’t grow up in Canada. I grew up in a small rural village in Communist China and as a result, my hood experience was a little different…

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Fabric choice can really ruin a dress. Who cares what the cut is when you look like you are wearing a sofa cover. Here are some prime offenders.

The Action Movie Bad Ass: A List of Great Action Movie Actors

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‘I HATE the concept of comfort!’: Christian Louboutin on why wearing flat shoes is like being in a bad relationship. By Tamara Abraham for MailOnline Updated: 12:56 EDT, 23 …

Thanks to Neil teening for submitting this photo to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool. I’ve started my search for some offbeat readings for my wedding in October… Have you compiled a list anywhere of readings from modern literature, songs, etc that are a little edgier and more current than the

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This slender teeny is so open in sex even experimenting with hard anal seems like a natural thing to try. When getting fucked in her mouth and pussy is just not enough anymore she follows with some nasty ass fucking taking cock in her tight chocolate hole like a perfect slut.

@colebombino and @yogoteens re-created the Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine cover, but with more bike and less ass enhancement. I tip my hat to you, madam. free nike shoes by

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The folks that make Pucker, that super sour liquor that makes great apple martinis recently held a contest. Women from all over sent in pictures of the world’s worst bridesmaids dresses.

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