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Display all your important documents with this comprehensive whiteboard paper holder board! This dry erase board comes with a Grip-a-Strip display rail system for …

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A new NASA report describes potential mission concepts to explore Uranus and Neptune; one spacecraft would even dive into Uranus’ atmosphere.

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Has gaming had a positive impact on you? Choices . Yes it has been positive

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Madera Concepts Restoration specializes in the restoration of decorative and structural wood for classic cars.

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HEAT SPREADERS A heat spreader improves the distribution of heat. Novel Concepts has developed and patented IsoSkin™, a thin planar superconducting heat spreader, also known as vapor chambers or flat heat pipes.

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Madera Concepts Offers The Largest Selection of Automotive Wood Restoration Services and O.E.M. Replacement Wooden Dashboards and Interior Trim On Earth!

A range of articles covering cosmic phenomena of all kinds, ranging from craters on the Moon to entire galaxies.

HEAT SINKS A heat sink absorbs and dissipates heat. Daniel L. Thomas, founder of Novel Concepts, has been designing free convection and forced convection heat sinks, heat spreaders, Peltier coolers, and liquid cold plates since 1982, primarily focused on high efficiency cooling of high power density problems such as high efficiency (>90%

CLOSE UP METHODOLOGY AND INSTRUCTION. Our pedagogy arises directly out of the Close Up mission: To inform, inspire, and empower students to exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities of citizens in a democracy.

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