Needing To Pee During Sex

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This is definitely not a silly question. In fact, many people with vaginas experience the feeling of having to pee from stimulation inside the vagina by fingers, sex toys or a penis.

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Feeling randy when your bladder’s full is more common than you might think. Here, the 411 on why it happens and how to use it to your advantage.

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Dear Madeleine, What really confuses me about squirting is if it’s pee, does that mean all women can force themselves to pee on command? No species can force themselves to release waste, that would be dangerous.

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I’m talking about your s walking in on you. During sex. Because if you’re walked in on by your in-laws who are visiting or your son’s college roommate who came home with him for Thanksgiving, well they all need a refresher course in Boundaries 101.

During the decade 1672–82, sex comedy such as The Country Wife (1675) flourished as part of the revival of theatre in England resulting from the Restoration. Forerunners of the craze were John Dryden’s An Evening’s Love (1668) and Thomas Betterton’s The Amorous Widow (ca. 1670).

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As my eighth grade sex ed teacher once told me, “It’s the slippery juices that make sex feel good”. (I grew up in Berkeley.) As a tween, I was of course mortified, but now I know he’s totally right — vaginas need enough lubrication to make the rubbing of skin against skin (or condoms against skin, for those of us who play safe) feel good.

UTI After Sex – If you get a bladder infection after sex it can be very worrying. As well as being common in women I found it is also easy to cure and prevent.

Birds reproduce using their cloaca; this occurs during a cloacal kiss in most birds. Birds that mate using this method touch their cloacae together, in some species for only a few seconds, sufficient time for sperm to be transferred from the male to the female.

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