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Discoloration forms on jewelry because of body oils, cosmetics transferring from your skin to the jewelry and from normal wear. You don’t have to

Raynauds fenomen, også kalt likfingre, er en tilstand hvor hendene blir veldig følsomme for endringer i temperaturen.Temperatursenkning kan utløse en triade:

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Post-Operative Nipple Areola. One of the most rewarding parts of breast reconstruction is having the nipple and areola created. Many patients think of it as the icing on the cake.

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How to clean and care for a new belly piercing or other body piercing

Nov 04, 2011 · There are small black spots on my ‘s nipples. They are mostly at the base of the nipple. At first I thought they were specs of dirt so I used

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TCM employs a holistic approach, as it is common for individuals with PMS to have accompanying menstrual or gynecological problems. Physicians are not only concerned about the premenstrual phase, they also try to discover any irregular manifestations during the whole menstrual cycle as well.

Laura Spitzfaden, IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Providing services in Lansing Michigan and surrounding communities

If you’re wondering whether it’s normal to have nipple hair, we’ve got you covered. Read this before feeling weird about your nipples.

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Caspah is an expert in the field of skin lightening and has developed a safe and natural solution to lighten blemishes and discoloration on your skin.

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Ambrose Antique Guns, Antique Firearms, Antique Arms and Armour specializes in the sale of high quality original European and American Antique firearms and weapons.

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