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About 2 1/2 months ago I woke up and had big and small red lumps / bumps / spots under the skill; on my legs and some around my elbows, they are not itchy but sore when I …

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An Australian driver was given the fright of his life after spotting a venomous snake hitching a ride on the outside of his car. Ted Ogier was driving near Eden, on the New South Wales south coast, on Wednesday when he saw a red-bellied black snake slither alongside the driver’s window. Mr Ogier

For a person to flush is to become markedly red in the face and often other areas of the skin, from various physiological conditions. Flushing is generally distinguished, despite a close physiological relation between them, from blushing, which is milder, generally restricted to the face, cheeks or ears, and generally assumed to reflect

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Hurricanes are strong storms that can be life-threatening. Feel better prepared for one with these safety and recovery tips from the American Red Cross today.

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The sudden appearance of tiny red spots on skin may be the result of internal bleeding, or leaked capillaries.The bleeding will cause red, purple, or brown spots to appear, sometimes in clusters, and it will often look like a rash.Usually, these tiny red spots on the skin are not itchy and flat

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Revealed how to tell if YOU have skin cancer: From bleeding, itchy moles to flat, red spots, the symptoms to watch out for. Poll found three quarters of people could not recognise skin cancer signs

Learn about liver biopsy procedures performed to diagnose liver disease or damage. Patient preparation, expectations, risks, and complications are discussed.

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A petechia, plural petechiae, is a small (1–2 mm) red or purple spot on the skin, caused by a bleed from broken capillary blood vessels.. Petechia refers to one of the three descriptive types of bleeding into the skin differentiated by size, the other two being purpura and ecchymosis.

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